Almost everyone suffers from nutritional deficiencies. Our food supply just doesn't seem to fulfill our nutritional needs these days. Our food chain is broken. There are too many additives, trans fatty acids and sugars. Your health is affected. In addition, our environment has become one of toxicity instead of health. Nutritional supplements are needed because of the excessive toxic load in todays environment, food and water supply, and poor dietary choices.

Supplements enhance potential response to treatment. They are necessary because most foods are deficient in basic nutrients. Supplements help protect and help detoxify the average person who is daily and routinely assaulted by toxins in food, water,air and medication.

We offer a full line of over 170 whole food nutritional supplements from Standard Process, a leader in the nutritional supplement industry. Many are specialized for the individual needs of our patients, covering many aspects of overall health.

Ordering can be done through the Standard Process Online Store link at the bottom of this page, also from the home page or you can purchase product at our office.

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